Pharmacy Scholarships

Pharmacy Students
One of the most common deciding factor for students seeking pharmacy scholarships, is to have a brilliant high school record followed by an equally good competitive test score. If any student can demonstrate these essentials, the work is considered half done.

There are numerous useful scholarships readily available that the students can apply for. A few of these have been listed below:

  1. Gateway To Research Scholarship : Under this program, three scholarships worth $5,000 each, are available to pharmacy degree students. This scholarship is basically a joint effort by the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists and the American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education. The criteria of qualifying for this scholarship differs for the graduate and the undergraduate students. While the graduate students need to complete at least two years of a Pharm.D. Degree program, the undergraduate students need to complete only one year of a bachelor's degree program.

  2. Rite Aid Competitive Pharmacy Scholarships : Under this scholarship program, almost ten $1,500 worth scholarships are administered to pharmacy students, having a GPA of atleast 2.5 with two years of pharmacy degree. The most important requirement for this scholarship is that, the applicantĀ  should have worked as an intern for Rite Aid or be a dependent of someone working for Rite Aid. In case none of these hold true for you, you may be granted a scholarship on the basis of the school you are attending.

  3. American Pharmacists Association (APhA) Student Scholarship : Students who have completed at least one year of pharmacy education, are qualified for this $1,000 scholarship. This scholarship facility is also available for the students active within their local AphA- Academy of Student Pharmacists chapter. In order to qualify for this scholarship, the students should preferably have a GPA of 2.75 and submit a 500-word essay to the scholarship committee.

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