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For many years Australia has been one of the worlds leading Aviation countries with the Australian CPL highly regarded around the world and recognised by ICAO. Many airline pilots flying for major airlines around the world started their career by obtaining their Australian CPL.AWA offers students an AVI40108 Certificate IV in Aviation (Commercial Pilot Aeroplane Licence), and a Diploma of Aviation incorporating a Command Multi Engine Instrument Rating (MECIR). Our syllabus is specifically tailored to "placing the student in the right hand seat of a commercial multi crew transport aircraft". We incorporate multi crew call outs and airline style checklists from the start of the pilots training.Some of the most modern Air Traffic Control systems have been implemented in Australia. This provides ideal training conditions as the skies are not yet crowded, disrupting training with high traffic conditions.
Flight Training Courses
AWA has the skill and expertise to manage the course from start to finish with proficiency checks to ensure students are progressing satisfactorily. Should a student fail to meet the required standard at each check, a review will be undertaken by a senior instructor and remedial training prescribed. The student will be reassessed following the remedial training and may proceed once performance is satisfactory.
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