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The mission of BTA is to provide an industry aligned, contemporary standard of education and training that ensures student equity and results in socially responsible outcomes; BTA refers to this training program as Benchmark Training. Benchmark Training employs skilled educators supported by appropriate facilities, equipment, techniques, materials and industry supporters; BTA students build homes and train on worksites. The program ensures BTA learners and graduates have the skills and knowledge needed to serve the industry as trade professionals that hold industry standard and relevant skills.
All BTA courses are Nationally Recognized and provide AQF Qualifications. Courses that are CRICOS approved for international students are denoted by a CRICOS code found at the end of the course title.
Building Trades Australia offers following Courses.

Wall and Floor Tiling
Building & Construction
Painting & Decorating
White Card
Practical skill training and theoretical training are quality controlled and standardised utilising building sites (residential and commercial) including on-campus modular home prefabrication. Training is insulated from fluctuations in the industry and economy (local, regional, national, and international); being made redundant or having to quit or change employers does not impact the progression training; training it continues without delay.