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  • Established 1998
  • Location 9 Railway Terrace Rocklea, QLD 4106, Australia
  • Type Private
  • Vice principal http://www.electrogroup.com.au/
The Electro Group of companies is comprised of two organisations - EGA and EGT. Electro Group Apprenticeships (known as EGA) is a Group Training Organisation, while Electro Group Training (known as EGT) is a Registered Training Organisation which provides trade institute training for electrical apprentices and post-trade electrical training for licensed electricians. Both EGA and EGT are "not-for-profit" industry owned companies. Our industry partners are the Electrical Contractors Association (ECA) and the Electrical Trade Union (ETU). We are the only group training organisation and the only Technical And Further Education training college in Queensland that specialises in electrical training for the benefit of the Electrotechnology industry. Our prime objective is to provide safe, competent and highly skilled electrical apprentices for the industry.
Our success can best be demonstrated by the fact that 97 percent of our apprentices successfully complete their training. Our ability to attract apprentices to the industry and ensure that they complete their training and join the ranks of qualified tradespeople is unmatched and is credit to our extensive recruitment selection and testing processes.
Electro Group Apprentices offers following Courses.

Electro Group Training is currently running Optical Fibre (CPR endorsement) courses on an as needed basis.

Photo Voltaic Cell (Solar) Installation and Design (Grid Connect):
This course is a must for electricians who want to install grid connected PV cells.

Week release college training:
Week release would entail apprentices attending college for one full week every 6 weeks or so over the training year.
EGT is not a state government owned TAFE Institute. EGT is the only technical training college owned by the electrical industry in Queensland. We focus on one industry only and therefore we can provide the best training possible for the Electrotechnology industry. We don't train in any other trade or hobby course. So you can be sure you're getting industry specific training from electrical industry professionals. And as a bonus - no frustrating, endless bureaucracy to deal with.