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ILSC is affiliated with a wide range of organizations, both Canadian and international. We teach fundamental skills in a way that engages students to learn and that inspires creativity and confidence. For 20 years, we at ILSC have been developing and refining our teaching methods, and they have proven successful with thousands of students from all over the world. To keep developing ILSC as one of the finest language schools in the world, where people have excellent/transformative learning and living experiences.
An exciting selection of programs and courses makes improving your English language skills at ILSC part of an amazing adventure! Design your own study program from a wide variety of options such as Communication, Business, Test Preparation, Marketing, Public Speaking, English through Film and Video and more! We will guide you in establishing your language level and choosing courses to satisfy your needs.
ILSC offers a wide range of courses. You can take any combination you wish, depending on your interests, goals, language level and schedule.

English Language Programs (day school):
* English Language Programs (3 hour courses)
* Skills Electives
* Programs and Courses by Level

Evening Foreign Language Program:
* Happy Hour Language Classes

College (VET*) Programs:
* College Programs
*VET (Vocational Education and Training)
ILSC's Australian campuses, located in the hearts of Brisbane and Sydney, are great places to practise your English language skills and immerse yourself in Australian culture. ILSC also has campuses in Vancouver, Toronto, Montréal, New Delhi and San Francisco. Studying overseas gives you the opportunity to experience a full immersion environment, where you live with and are surrounded by English-speakers. ILSC has a strict English-Only Policy to help you maximize your time in Australia and become fluent in English as quickly as possible. The English-Only Policy is enforced in all areas of the school.