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  • Location 53 Prospect Road GAYTHORNE Queensland AUSTRALIA 4051
  • Principal John Sweetman
  • Type Private
  • Vice principal http://www.malyon.edu.au/
At Malyon we recognise that the world is changing. These are times of great challenge and opportunity. Our commitment is to raising up a generation of influential Christians who have a strong biblical base, skills in leadership and ministry, and a heart for God. We have been training Christian leaders for over 100 years, and we’ve learnt a few things about theological training. Our graduates are serving all over the world as pastors, cross-cultural workers, workplace leaders, chaplains, church leaders and theological faculty.
Malyon offers full-time and part-time study options through lecture (day and evening), intensive and distance modes. We have excellent resources for students including a large library, wireless internet, on-line notes in all units, and 24 hour access to the campus.
Maylon College - Queensland Baptist College of Ministries offers following Courses.

Postgraduate Study:
Malyon usually offers three postgraduate units each semester. At least two (and often all three) are done by intensive mode - taught in a one week block, Monday to Friday, with required pre-reading and significant post course research and assignment submissions.

Undergrad & Grad Units:
The Prophets and writings are a profound and powerful part of the Bible. Yet, without a knowledge of their literary, cultural and historical context they can seem hard to understand, interpret and apply. This unit gives students the ability to understand the prophets and writings in a new way.

Diploma of Ministry:
The ACT Diploma of Ministry is a 1 year degree comprising 32 credit points, where 1 semester subject = 4 credit points. It is a semesterised degree, internally assessed and externally moderated. The 8 unit DipMin is a distinct qualification, but it also forms the first year of a 24 unit Bachelor of Ministry.

The college facilities are housed in a three storey brick and concrete building which has been fully refurbished by the Baptist Union of Queensland. Other buildings on the site are utilised by the QB headquartes and Queensland Baptist Care as well as a number of other tenancies. The Malyon building contains 3 lecture rooms, administration and lecturer offices on the ground floor; a dedicated chapel, over-night accommodation rooms, kitchen/dining area and a large recreation area on the middle floor; and the library together with the post graduate area and City Life Church office on the top floor. It truly is an excellent facility designed for the purposes of the college.