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  • Established 1997
  • Location 102 Buderim Pines Drive Buderim QLD 4556, Australia
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The Pines Training Centre was established in 1997 as a partial fulfillment of the vision of The Southern Cross Institute– to advance the Kingdom of God across Australia and beyond. Southern Cross has five key elements to its vision aligned with the five stars in the Southern Cross. The vision of The Pines Training Centre is an extension of the vision of the Southern Cross Institute. The vision of Southern Cross was founded in 1988 in a prayer time at the opening of the New Australian Parliament House in Canberra our nation’s capital. Training is a core part of the original vision of Southern Cross and this emphasis continues to be an important part of the vision. More information is available at the Southern Cross Institute website here (insert Link) Education was one of Jesus’s core activities mentoring and training the disciples for their ministry with him and their ministry to come. Education is also the fastest growing industry in the world and is foundational to every other industry, opening the door to workplace-based training of missionaries and mission teams who work together to transform spheres of influence.
The training is designed to help participants gain the necessary knowledge, skill and character qualities (including spiritual qualities) to perform ministries at a level that is acceptable to the Lord and to the Church.
We offers following Courses.

Certificate IV in Creating and Multiplying Life Giving Churches:
This 15 week course was designed by Church Planters to equip those who want to be effective in evangelism and disciple-making which leads to church multiplication and the development of new ministries.

Diploma of Creating and Multiplying Life Giving Churches:
This six month course builds upon the foundation of the Certificate IV in Planting and Growing Vibrant Churches course (a pre-requisite). Through higher level training, ministry, study and research it will help the participant to think in contemporary ways, exhibit Godly character and demonstrate practical ministry skills.

Advanced Diploma of Creating and Multiplying Life Giving Churches:
The course is delivered as “in-service” training. Participants attend class for at least two weeks each year and implement a ministry project in their own Church with the support of their peers and a supervisor.

Certificate IV in Teaching Conversational English :
The course has been designed for those who wish to develop a Christian ministry through teaching English. This nationally accredited training aims to provide TESOL skills to volunteers, industry trainers and community aid workers dealing with speakers of other languages in Australia and overseas.

Our aim is to create an enjoyable and comfortable environment for everyone to train together. We are all adults and have something to offer each other in our life’s journey. We hope you are enriched by your time with us.This information is in addition to The Pines Training Centre Handbook and will be helpful to you settling into training and life at The Pines.