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  • Established 1919
  • Location PO Box 41 ARCHERFIELD Queensland 4108
  • Type Registered
  • Vice principal www.airlineacademy.com.au
Established in 1919, the Airline Academy of Australia, through the Royal Queensland Aero Club, is a Registered Training Organisation which offers a range of certificate, diploma and advanced diploma courses to domestic and international students. The Academy specialises in fully integrated programs for students aimed at a career in the airline industry. The Academy is one of only three Qantas approved Flight Training Organisations in Australia.
The Academy offers training leading to a Commercial Pilot Licence and Multi Engine Command Instrument Rating, and a Diploma of Aviation (Multi Engine Command Instrument Rating). Students can opt for an additional Airline Pilot Transport License theory module leading to an Advanced Diploma in Aviation (Airline Transport Pilot License).

General flying phase:
The course commences with an introductory ground school program covering Basic Aeronautical Knowledge ensuring that the student has a solid understanding of basic flight theory before commencing their practical flight training.

Navigation phase:
The next phase of training involves a study of navigation. Students will complete studies in Private Pilot Licence theory which encompasses Navigation, Aircraft Performance, Meteorology and Human Factors. Flight training in this phase centres on navigation training.

Night flying phase:
Night flying training is an important prerequisite for the Command Instrument Rating phase and Flight Instructor Rating, during this phase students will fly circuits both dual and solo. Training in this phase emphasizes the hazards of “spatial disorientation”.

Upset Recovery Training:
During this phase of training the students undertake 5.0 hours of upset recovery training. Loss of control continues to be a major factor in many aircraft accidents. This phase of training focuses on the skills required to understand and recognize an unusual situation that may be encountered and provides students with the skills to recognize and react with confidence from this unpredictable and disorientating event.

Commercial phase:
Students will now be well into their studies for the seven (7) Commercial Pilot Licence theory subjects – Aerodynamics, Meteorology, Navigation, Human Factors, Air Law, and Aircraft General Knowledge.

It is located at Brisbane, Queensland.