Grant Information for Rhode Island Colleges

In spite of being regarded as the smallest state of US, Rhode Island has several good colleges and universities and there are equally enthusiastic students wishing to attend these colleges. However, though a small state, the education expences in this state are no less than the other big states of US.

It is primarily for this reason that Rhode Island sponsors a large number of college grants and scholarships for the residents of this state as well as for out-of-state residents. One of the core organizations administering grants in this state is the Rhode Island Higher Education Assistance Authority. A few of the grants and scholarships being administered include:

  1. Rhode Island State Grant Program: This need based grant is one of the most easily accessible grantsĀ  for students. You just need to complete FAFSA to avail this $250 and $1400 grant money.

  2. Rhode Island Health Professional Loan Repayment Program: There are several education fields which constantly experience a shortage of interested personnel. In order to support such fields, this grant is administered to those who show a willingness to help serve such facilities.

  3. Rhode Island Higher Education Grant Program: This grant serves nearly 10000 to 12900 undergraduate students each year, providing them with a sum of $300 to $1400.

Apart from these grants and scholarships, there are some other sources of financial aids for the students.

  • University of Rhode Island: This university, known to be the largest public university of its kind, houses four campus locations. Students enrolling into either one of these campus locations can have the opportunity of qualifying for a merit based grant or scholarship, that covers for their tuition expences.

  • Roger Williams University, Bristol: Nearly a dozen students, with GPA of 3.0-3.5 or higher, receive merit based scholarships from this university each year.

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