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  • Scholarship Name :
    Air Traffic Control Association (ATCA) (Children of Air Traffic Control Specialists/ Buckingham Memorial Scholarship)
  • Renewable :
    Yes. Must submit a verified report from the educational institution attended, stating the courses taken and completed and the grades received.
  • States In Which Available :
  • Scholarship Amount :
  • Deadline :
    MAY 1
  • Eligibility Criteria :
    Must be the child, natural or by adoption, of a person serving, or having served as an air traffic control specialist either with the U.S. Government, U.S. Military, or in a private facility in the United States; and a U.S. citizen. enrolled (or accepted) in an accredited college or university and planning to continue the following year. Attendance equal to at least half-time (6 hours). Must have a minimum of 30 semester or 45 quarter hours still to be completed before graduation. Course of study leads to a bachelor’s degree or higher. Financial need considered.
  • Specific Target Group :
  • How To Apply :
    See website for application or contact the Association. Submit with 2 letters of recommendation (from present or previous teachers, professors, instructors, supervisors, or managers) from within the last 12 months; certified transcript of all college coursework (if less than 30 semester or 45 quarter hours of college coursework have been completed, all high school transcripts also are required); work or experience that supports educational and/or aviation career goals must be addressed in the application and/or essay (400 words maximum), “How My Education Efforts Will Enhance My Potential Contribution in My Chosen Career Field.”