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  • Scholarship Name :
    Community Foundation For Greater Atlanta, Inc. The(James M. & Virginia M. Smyth Scholarship Fund)
  • Number Of Awards :
  • Renewable :
    Yes; previous recipients are renewed if they continue to meet the scholarship’s criteria and submit the current year’s renewal application.
  • States In Which Available :
  • Scholarship Amount :
  • Deadline :
  • Eligibility Criteria :
    Open to students enrolled at an accredited college pursuing an undergraduate degree and adults returning to school in order to increase employability. Must have a cumulative 3.0 GPA, be accepted for enrollment or enrolled at an accredited college, university or technical school, demonstrate financial need, and commitment to community service through school, community or religious organizations. Preference will be given to applicants from Missouri, Mississippi, Georgia, Illinois, Oklahoma, Texas and Tennessee.
  • Specific Target Group :
    Humanities,Business,Human Services,Music
  • How To Apply :
    See website for additional information and application. Submit with a personal essay (2-3 pages) that explains why you feel a college education is important, your statement of educational and career goals, post college career interests, highlights of your high school extracurricular/community service activities, special strengths, skills, and qualifications, any unusual family or personal circumstances that have affected your achievement in school, work experience, or your participation in school and community activities, and present financial need; official transcript; and SAT and ACT scores, if a recent high school graduate. Send to The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta, James M. & Virginia M. Smyth Scholarship Fund, Scholarship Management Services, Scholarship America, One Scholarship Way, P.O. Box 297, Saint Peter, MN 56082. If you have questions, call 507/931-1682 or e-mail communityfoundation@scholarshipamerica. org.
  • Contact To :
    Lisa Glanville, 404/308-0055