• Scholarship Name :
    International Association Of Fire Chiefs Foundation
  • States In Which Available :
  • Scholarship Amount :
  • Deadline :
    AUG 1
  • Eligibility Criteria :
    Active members with a minimum of 3 years’ volunteer work, or 2 years’ paid work, or a combination of paid and volunteer work, or 3 years with a state, county, provincial, municipal, community, industrial, or federal fire department, who has demonstrated proficiency, is eligible. Preference will be given to those demonstrating need, desire, and initiative.
  • Specific Target Group :
  • How To Apply :
    Send application form, including a 250-word statement outlining reasons for applying and explaining why you think your course of study will be useful to you in your chosen field. Also list credits previously attained in college-level courses and submit transcript.