2025 M Street NW, Suite 800 Washington DC 20036-4907 202/973/8661
  • Scholarship Name :
    National Space Club (Dr. Robert H. Goddard Scholarship)
  • Renewable :
    Yes. Up to 1 additional year if warranted.
  • States In Which Available :
    Washington D.C.
  • Scholarship Amount :
  • Deadline :
    JAN 6
  • Eligibility Criteria :
    Essay competition open to any U.S. citizen, in at least junior year of an accredited university, intending to pursue undergraduate or graduate studies in science or engineering. Financial need considered, but not controlling.
  • Specific Target Group :
  • How To Apply :
    Submit letter and transcript of college record, letters of recommendation from faculty, demonstrating personal qualities of creativity and leadership; scholastic plans relating to participation in aerospace science and technology; proven past research and participation in space-related science and engineering.