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  • Scholarship Name :
    Radio And Television News Directors Association & Foundation (Mike Reynolds Scholarship)
  • Number Of Awards :
  • States In Which Available :
    Washington D.C.
  • Scholarship Amount :
  • Deadline :
    MAY 3
  • Eligibility Criteria :
    College sophomore or higher with at least 1 full year of college remaining may apply. May be enrolled in any major, but must intend a career in television or radio news. Preference given to student demonstrating financial need.
  • Specific Target Group :
  • How To Apply :
    Submit application along with a résumé and 1-3 examples (less than 15 minutes) showing skills on audio/VHS tape, accompanied by scripts and brief statement describing applicant’s role in stories, who worked on each, and what each person did. Letter of endorsement from dean or project advisor, and statement explaining career goals required. Indicate media-related jobs held and contribution made to funding education. Must submit FAFSA. See website for application or contact Project Coordinator.
  • Contact To :
    Melanie Lo, Program Coordinator