P.O. Box 231 Salamanca NY 14779 716/945-1790, ext. 3103 716/945-7170 (Fax) dhoag@sni.org
  • Scholarship Name :
    Seneca Nation Higher Education Program-Seneca Nation Of Indians
  • States In Which Available :
    New York
  • Scholarship Amount :
    $6,000; $8,000; $11,000
  • Deadline :
    JUL 1 (fall); DEC 1 (spring); MAY 1 (summer); AUG 1 (fall quarter/ trimester); NOV 1 (winter quarter/trimester); FEB 1 (spring quarter/trimester); MAY 1 (summer quarter/trimester)
  • Eligibility Criteria :
    Enrolled member of the SNI with financial need; admitted for enrollment in an accredited institution of higher education; undergraduate or graduate student. Based on priority system defined by residence; must apply for and report all financial aid resources, compliance with SNI-HEP policies. Must not be in default of a student loan. Note: Program administers BIA Higher Education Grant Funds.
  • Specific Target Group :
  • How To Apply :
    Complete application including transcript, financial aid package forms, acceptance letter, tribal certification, letter of reference and letter stating educational goals.