Scholarships Given Twice Per Year Or More

There are some scholarship programs that give out awards monthly, quarterly or twice per year. Most of these programs will allow applicants to enter each time. Apply for these scholarships now to get money for college as soon as possible.

Scholarships Awarded Once Per Month

Findtuition - Monthly $2,500 scholarship award. Register at this site once, and you will automatically be entered to win every month.

Scholarships Awarded Four Times Per Year

Gimme FiveĀ® Scholarship Sweepstakes - Awards 4 $5,000 each year to high school seniors.

DoubleTake Sweepstakes - Four quarterly prizes of a $2,500 cash scholarship Available to current college students.

Dale E. Fridell Memorial Scholarships - $1,000 scholarships open to anyone currently attending or aspiring to attend a university, college, trade school, technical institute, vocational training or other post-secondary education program.

StraightForward Minority Scholarship - $500 for students who are members of racial or ethnic minority groups.

Straight Forward Media Vocational-Technical School Scholarship - $500 scholarships for students pursuing a broad range of vocations such as automotive, real estate, and many other careers. View the entire list of qualifying programs. This scholarship is awarded four times per year.

StraightForward Media Science Scholarship - scholarships for college students in all areas of the sciences. In addition to well-known fields of science like biology, chemistry, physics, and dozens of others, it also allows applicants from the social sciences to apply as well.

StraightForward Media Nursing Scholarship - $500 scholarship for students persuing careers in Nursing.

StraightForward Media Get Out of Debt Scholarship - $500 scholarships to help students hampered by debt to continue their studies.

StraightForward Media's Business School Scholarship - $500 scholarships awarded to students with majors such as, but not limited to, economics, finance, marketing, and management.

StraightForward Media's Law Enforcement Scholarship - $500 awards available for students studying for law enforcement careers.

StraightForward Media's Art School Scholarship - $500 scholarship for students studying an art related field (not liberal arts.)

StraightForward Media's Engineering Scholarship - $500 scholarship awarded to students studying for engineering careers.

StraightForward Media Law School Scholarship - $500 awards for students persuing careers in law.

StraightForward Media Media & Communications Scholarship - $500 scholarship for students studying journalism, broadcasting, advertising, speech, mass communications, and other media related careers.

College Scholarship Information

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