Scholarships For Single Mother

Not all people are fortunate enough to be able to enroll into colleges for higher education or to complete their degree program. For all such aspiring non-traditional students who wish to return to school, there are some very good grant and scholarship facilities. This is especially beneficial for the single mothers who often face difficulty coping up with child care at the same time working and paying for their college education. Such mothers are mostly in dire need of financial assistance and special scholarships have been introduced for them to afford a postsecondary education.

Some of the common scholarships designed for the single mothers include:

  1. Raise The Nation Scholarship: This is one of the most common scholarships administered to the single mothers. Considering the fact that most often single mothers are denied financial assistance unless they show accute financial crisis, this grant is especially to help such mothers repay loans and pay for their college education.

  1. The Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund : Single mothers, who are residents of the state of Arkansas are eligible for this education scholarship. This scholarship is awarded to only one undergraduate single mother every year.

  1. Jeanette Rankin Foundation Scholarship Program : Although this is not an exclusive scholarship facility for the single mothers, it is definitely useful for them. The applications for this very old scholarship program are available from November through February every year.

  1. Sunshine Lady Foundation Scholarship Program : This is another of the important scholarships for single mothers. This is especially aimed towards single mothers who wish to be academically stable in order to support their children as well as themselves.

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