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  • Location 20-32 Union Street Adelaide SA 5000
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Colour Cosmetica is committed to excellence in hairdressing, make-up artistry, beauty therapy, fashion styling, fashion photography and fashion business & event management. Colour Cosmetica is at the forefront of the Adelaide, national and international landscape as a service and education provider in the hair, make-up and fashion industries. Colour Cosmetica Academy is the local education provider opening up national and internationally opportunities for you in the hair, make-up and fashion industries. Boasting a scope of unique and innovative courses in hairdressing, hair styling, make-up artistry, fashion styling, beauty, fashion business and event management. Achieve a nationally and internationally recognised qualification from an award winning education provider.
For those that have a passion for the hair, fashion, beauty and make-up world, Colour Cosmetica Academy is the perfect destination for you. Colour Cosmetica Academy will develop the skill, knowledge and creativity you need to break into the industry as a dynamic force to be reckoned with.
Colour Cosmetica Academy offers following Courses.

* Hairdressing
* Hairstyling
* Make-up artistry
* Face and body art
* Cosmetics and make-up marketing
* Fashion styling
* Fashion business
* Fashion event management
* Fashion marketing
* Beauty
* Nail technology
* Waxing and tinting
* Spray tanning
* Eyelash extensions
Located in the fashionable East End of Adelaide, Colour Cosmetica is a must-stop location for the fashion and grooming conscious shopper. Service all your hair, beauty and make-up needs all in one high quality and fashionable location. The Art Team of Colour Cosmetica is creating hair, make-up and beauty styles reminiscent of the international scene for the women and men of Adelaide.