Grant Information for South Carolina Colleges

Just like any other state, there are numerous students in the state of South Carolina as well as out-of-state students, aspiring to attend the state colleges and universities for higher education. But, with so many aspiring students in the state, there comes a need for financial help to enroll into these colleges.

As a measure to support such financial needs, the South Carolina Department of Education offers several state-funded aids for which the students can apply depending upon their needs. But for this, they first need to have a thorough knowledge about the various grants and scholarships that the stateĀ  offers like:

  1. South Carolina HOPE Scholarship: This scholarship is essentially beneficial for all those academically talented students who do not qualify for any other merit-based scholarship. For being eligible for this scholarship, you need to be a freshmen attending school.

  2. LIFE Scholarship: Academically talented students, having a GPA of 3.0 or higher, are eligible for this scholarship. What's more interesting is that, these awards are renewable.

  3. SC Lottery Tuition Assistance Program: For those attending a 2-year state institution, there is this award facility sponsored by the state lottery.

  4. South Carolina Tuition Grants Program: This is a need based grant facility for the in-state students aspiring to attend an independent state college or university. The grant amount varies depending upon the institution to be attended.

  5. South Carolina Need Based Grants Program: This grant catering to nearly 23485 undergraduate students, offers a grant amount of $1250 to $2500 to students every year.

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