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http://www.bju.edu boisebible@boisebible.edu
About Bob Jones University
  • Year of Foundation 1927
  • Size of Campus 225 Acre
  • Type of Instituition
  • Religious Orientation
  • Degrees Bachelor, Master
  • Calendar Type
  • Undergraduate Population
  • Women % / Men % / Out of state 55%, 45%, 73%
  • App. Deadlines
  • Tuition Costs In / Out - State $11,920
  • Room and Board $5,100
  • Nonfall Registration Accepted
  • Selectivity of the Intuition
  • Application Fee $45
  • Enrollment No. 3,437
Within the cultural and academic soil of liberal arts higher education, Bob Jones University exists to grow Christlike character that is scripturally disciplined, others-serving, God-loving, Christ-proclaiming and focused above. Institutional Goals To inspire regenerated students to know, love and serve Jesus Christ. To strengthen each student’s belief in the truths of God’s Word. To develop in students Christlike character through disciplined, Spirit-filled living. To direct students toward a biblical life view that integrates God’s Truth into practical Christian living. To prepare students to excel intellectually and vocationally by offering diverse academic programs rooted in biblical truth and centered on a liberal arts core. To develop in students the cultural breadth and social skills that enhance their lives and also equip them to communicate biblical truth effectively. To instill in students a compelling concern for reaching the unconverted with the saving truth of the gospel of Christ. To implant in students an eagerness for vital involvement in the life and ministry of a biblically faithful local congregation. To develop educational materials and services that extend these objectives beyond the university campus.Bob Jones University was established in 1927 by evangelist Bob Jones Sr. Throughout his travels, Dr. Bob Jones Sr. saw students whose faith was shaken during college, and he recognized the need for a thoroughly Christian college that stood on the absolute authority of the Bible to train America’s youth.
Loan, Scholarship, Fellowship, Grant Page Details
  • Specific Locations/Universities City
Student Housing
  • College campus housing availability Yes
Campus Services
  • Wireless Network - Student wi-fi Yes
  • Student Computer Availability Yes
  • Library Facilities Yes
  • Online Course Registration Available Yes
Student Employment and Career
  • Student Employment Fedral Work Study Program Available