Grant Information for South Dakota Colleges

With the raising education standards, there has been an equal hike in the cost of enrolling into a college or university for higher education. However, if you happen to be a resident of the state of South Dakota, you might be aware of the various grants and scholarships which you can easily avail.

Most of these grants and scholarships are either need based or merit based. The chief body administering grants and scholarships in the state of South Dakota is the South Dakota Board of Regents. Other financial aid sources include:

  1. South Dakota Opportunity Scholarship: There are some pre-requirements before you can apply for this grant like, participation in a Regents Scholars curriculum in high school, high ACT score and GPA and a wish to enroll into a degree program. This grant administered by the Department of Education is for $5000.

  2. Dakota Corps Scholarship Program: This grant is awarded typically to those who agree to work in the same occupation in which they are being trained with the condition that the number of years of service should be equivalent to the number of years  spent in educational system.

  3. Ardell Bjugstad Scholarship: This grant is also administered by the Board of Regents and provides financial support to the North American residents of South Dakota who intend to pursue a degree in agriculture or natural resources management program.

  4. South Dakota High School Oratorical Contest: Under this program, several undergraduate students are awarded nearly $200 to $1000 as grant.

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