Ellesmere Junction Road, Lincoln 7647, New Zealand (03) 325 2811
  • Chancellor Tom Lambie
  • Established 1878
  • Location Lincoln, New Zealand
  • Motto Scientia et industria cum probitate (Science and industry with integrity)
  • Students 3484 (2007) [1]
  • Type Public
  • Vice Chancellor Andrew West
  • Vice principal www.lincoln.ac.nz
Lincoln University began life in 1878 as a School of Agriculture. From 1896 to 1961 it served students under the name \"Canterbury Agricultural College\", and offered qualifications of the University of New Zealand until that institution\'s demise. From 1961 to 1990, it was known as Lincoln College, a constituent college of the University of Canterbury, until achieving autonomy in 1990 as Lincoln University. It is the oldest agricultural teaching institution in the Southern Hemisphere. It remains the smallest university in New Zealand.