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No student likes to begin a college education with the heavy burden of college expences. Now with the widespread availability of useful student credit cards, you have an opportunity to get rid of this burden and at the same time make the best of great introductory offers like 0% on purchases.

Infact, it is a good idea for a student to start building a credit record as soon as possible, as building a good credit record may normally take a couple of years. It is essentially beneficial to have a good credit record while still in school, as this way your chances of getting approved for a car loan or mortgage in your later years, becomes more achievable. Also, there are several bonus rewards and other facilities that can be availed only by the students still continuing their school education.

Some of the Credit Cards Commonly Available for the Students Include

  1. Capital One Standard Platinum for Students : This credit card is especially beneficial for students having a limited credit history trying to establish a credit foundation. Not only does it offer an online account service but also a provision for no annual or balance transfer fees.

  2. Citi Driver's Edge Card for College Students : Using this card facility, the students can earn useful rebates towards any car, regardless of whether it is new or used. Here also you can get your credit history built and not bother yourself about annual fee or balance transfer fee. Also available with this card is a free online account management service.

  3. Capital One No Hassle CashSM Rewards for Students : Students who have had credit problems in the past or have a very limited credit history, can benefit from this cash rewards card. The best part about this credit card is that there is absolutely no limit on cash back and the rewards that you get would not expire for the life of your account.

Though, there are numerous credit cards available for the students to use, it is important that the students consider certain important tips while going in for any of these credit cards like:

  1. Before you buy a credit card, you must do a comparitive study of various credit cards to determine which of these would yield you the highest rewards.

  2. Thoroughly read through the terms and conditions of each credit card service to avoid later regrets.

  3. Get a knowledge of the different ways through which you can possibly redeem the points, that you may collect through a good GPA and on-time payment like, plane tickets, gift cards, cash back, etc.

In case you are looking for a card you can use for cash advances or balance transfers, try to get a card that offers a 0% introductory rate on these services.

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