Making Extra Money While in College

by Michael Carter

Making extra money for college is important, even when college students cannot take on a part time or full time job. There are ways that students can make extra money from home, with temporary work, or odd jobs.

Students who are good at using a computer can find ways of making extra money. Many small businesses or independent professionals need assistance but not a full time employee. Therefore they will hire virtual assistants for a few administrative jobs or for ongoing support.

Students who can create webpages can help people get their business online. Alternately, students can create their own websites and earn money through affiliate marketing programs or Google Adsense. Making extra money using a computer can be a good way to go.

There are certain times of year when companies need additional temporary employees. Sometimes right at the start of the college semester there will be opportunities available. From mid November to January 1st, traditional holiday season, many retailers need extra workers. It's important to get the job application in early to get holiday jobs.

Finally, during tax season from January 1 to April 15 many accountants need extra help. College students could contact these employers directly to inquire about temporary job openings.

Finding opportunities is easier than ever now when using the internet. There are many job boards that can provide information such as Careerbuilder or

Students may also be able to find temporary jobs or those that just require a few hours a week by signing up with a temporary job agency. Checking the job board at school, looking in the newspaper are other ways to find short term opportunites for making extra money.

Whether college students earn extra money from their home, on campus or off, it can be a big help to a student who is in need of just a little extra cash. Students who are creative and resourceful will find the extra income that they need.

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