Grant Information for Tennessee Colleges

With so many grants and scholarships being offered by the state of Tennessee, attending a state college or university can never be a problem. Infact, if you have a good knowledge about all available financial aids in the state, you can very well cut down on your college expences.

  1. Tennessee Student Assistance Awards Program: This is one of the most sought after grants by the financially distressed students of this state. The grant may sometimes even cover for your entire tuition cost. The grant is for an amount of $100 to $2130 each year.

  2. Education Lottery Scholarship Program: This scholarship is administered in assistance with the Tennessee State Lottery and serves a grant amount of $3800, to students having a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

  3. Ned McWherter Scholars Program: This grant caters especially the students attending a state public college, with an outstanding academic record, having brilliant ACT/SAT scores and a high GPA.

  4. Dependent Children Scholarship Program: Dependents of law enforcement and public safety officials, either killed or disabled, are eligible for this scholarship, which takes care of their tuition expences.

  5. Hope Access Grant: A grant for $1575 to $2400, awarded to numerous undergraduate students attending Tennessee college or university every year.

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