Grant Information for Utah Colleges

The main governing body for education system in Utah is the State of Utah and the Utah Board of Regents. The state of Utah lays much emphasis on higher education for students so that they can have a settled career and a secure future.

In order to reach such education standards, the students require financial aids of different respects and the state of Utah ensures the students with just that. Some of these grants and scholarships include:

  1. Utah's Centennial Scholarship: This scholarship is especially beneficial for the high school seniors who can potentially clear through their high school within 3 years with a provision to get $250 for every quarter they save from their senior year.

  2. New Century Scholarship: If you are an average student in high school and don't know which grant to apply for, then there is this grant for you which just requires you to finish an associate degree program. All such students can recieve up to 75% of their tuition expences in any of the state college or university.

  3. Western Interstate Commission for Higher education Program: The most interesting part about this specialized grant is that it includes 15 states offering reciprocal college and university programs. The graduate or undergraduate students in these participating states can qualify for this grant.

  4. Leveraging Educational Assistance Partnership (LEAP): Awards nearly $300 to $2500 to at least 4008 undergraduate students each year.

For More Information visit : Grants by State

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