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  • Location Richmond, Victoria. Australia.
  • Type Private
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Welcome to Acumen Institute of Further Education, a private registered training organisation. Acumen is an innovative forward thinking flexible institution with lot of opportunities offered to students to excel in all aspect of life. It is a dynamic world and at acumen we believe that the only way we can thrive as a business and deliver paramount educational service to our customers is by looking ahead in time. Emphasis is laid on vision at acumen as comprehending the drifts is crucial in contouring acumen’s future and travel swiftly to prepare for what’s to come. At acumen we are incline to be equipped for tomorrow. Our vision helps us keep our focus on our mission as it builds and creates a roadmap for us to thrive along with our stakeholders. Our Mission. Our enduring mission is where the roadmap starts for acumen. It defines our motive at acumen and serves as the benchmark against which we evaluate our actions and decisions.
Beyond economic growth, education creates social benefits that help build social capital. Societies with a strong commitment to education enjoy higher levels of civic participation, greater social cohesion, lower levels of crime and disadvantage, and a more trusting, equitable and just society. We are constantly engaged in developing new courses focusing on our Stake holders feedback.

Certificate IV in Business
Diploma of Business
Advance Diploma of Business
Certificate III in Automotive Mechanical Technology
Certificate IV in Automotive Technology
Diploma of Automotive Technology
Our vision at acumen provides a agenda for our roadmap. It channels every aspect of operation at acumen by unfolding our duties guided by the motive to achieve consistency and continuous improvement.