104 Jeffcott Street, North Adelaide, South Australia, Australia 5006 +61 8 8267 7400
  • Admission Lutheran
  • Established 1968
  • Location North Adelaide, SA, Australia
  • Named after Lutheran Church of Australia
  • President {{{pres}}}
  • Principal Rev. John Henderson
  • Residents 96
Australian Lutheran College (ALC, formerly Luther Seminary, informally "The Sem") is a higher education institution serving the Lutheran Church of Australia. It is located in North Adelaide, South Australia on the corner of Ward and Jeffcott streets. The campus includes a number of single and shared accommodation blocks, a library, a refectory as well as educational facilities.
ALC offers undergraduate and diploma courses
Bachelor of Ministry
6 years part time
Bachelor of Theology
6 years part time
Diploma in Theology
Lutheran Teachers College and the Lay Training Centre were moved to the campus in 1989 and with this the name changed to Luther Campus to reflect the change of role of the site. Attempts were made to find suitable sites for relocation for the institution but these were abandoned in 1990, and the Church authorised more works, including the erection of 17 townhouses on Archer Street, a new Student Centre between Graebner Hall and the townhouses. In 1994 the School of Theology (for Lay Students) joined the campus also.