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  • Campus Urban
  • Chancellor N/A
  • Established 1973
  • Location Victoria,Australia
  • Type Public
  • Vice principal http://www.vbbc.org.au
Theological education and discipleship are really not different things. In reality, theological education is concentrated discipleship. This discipleship aims to help another believer conform to the image of Christ and to influence those whom God has called to leadership within the local church. We believe that the college is an excellent place for the local church and the college to concentrate their efforts in training effective workers for the local church and for full-time ministry.
BI 001 The Book of Proverbs
BI 002 The Book of Acts
BI 003 The Corinthian Epistles
BI 004 The Book of Revelation
BI 005 The Gospel of Matthew
BI 006 The Prison Epistles
BI 101 Introduction to Bible Study
BI 102 Old Testament Law, History, and Poetry
BI 103 Old Testament Prophets
BI 104 New Testament Survey
Because of a need to train effective workers both for the full-time Christian ministry and for local church ministries, classes began on 12 February 1973 under the auspices of Baptist Mid-Missions. Since that time Victoria Baptist Bible College has been committed to strengthening the local church. We desire to see a significant number of our graduates serve within the local church as pastors, teachers, deacons and a variety of other Christian ministries. VBBC also wishes to prepare men and women for service on the foreign field as missionaries sent out by their local church. Victoria Baptist Bible College invites you to come and train to serve the Lord.