CAE Service Hub Level 2, 253 Flinders Lane, Melbourne Victoria 3000 03 9652 0611
  • Campus Urban
  • Chancellor N/A
  • Established N/A
  • Location Melbourne,Australia
  • Type Public
  • Vice principal
As an Adult Education Institution, CAE exists to provide learning to the Victorian community through a wide range of programs and services. CAE receives government funding through the Adult Community and Further Education Division (ACFE). This funding supports CAE to deliver accredited courses designed to help adults complete their secondary education and begin or change their career direction. CAE has been in operation for over 60 years and has adapted to meet the continually changing needs of adult learners in Melbourne.
Animal Studies
Computing, Digital Design And Multimedia
Fine Arts
Fitness & Sport
Health & Wellbeing
Home & Garden
Interior Design
Library Studies
Opening in 1947, the Council of Adult Education was established under Victorian Government legislation with a broad charter to provide adult education.CAE’s founding director was Colin Badger and the founding chairman, who remained in that role until 1974, was Frank Crean.On 1st March 2001, Victorian Parliament passed an amendment to the Adult Community and Further Education (AFCE) Act 1991 which effectively meant the Council of Adult Education came under the ACFE Act. At this time, the name of the organisation was changed to the Centre for Adult Education.In 2003, the relevance of the names ‘Council’ and ‘Adult’ were seen as not a true reflection of the organisation. The existing name denoted institutional and formal connotations and was not inclusive of all students, both young people and adults. On 5th July 2003 the organisation officially became known as CAE.