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Complex Training Academy is one of Australia’s leading Training and Recruitment specialists. A 30 year old family business, we pride ourselves on delivering quality accredited and non accredited training to the general public, the unemployed and at the highest corporate levels. From Short Courses to Diploma level qualifications, with several branches across Australia (and the World), we can look after all of your education requirements. Not only will we get you qualified in your chosen field, we will also assist you to find the job you want. Using our tried and proven recruitment process and by tapping into our well established Employer Networks, you can rely on Complex Training Academy to help you get the job you have always wanted.
Complex Training Academy is one of Victoria's leading Registered Training Organisations (RTOs). We specialise in providing training and recruitment services to the Security, Hospitality, OH&S, Training & Assessment and Cleaning Industries.
Complex Training Academy offers following Courses.

First Aid - HLTFA301C:
Security (CPP11)
Training and Assessment

First Aid - HLTFA301B:
Frontline Management
Responsible Service
Complex Training Academy has expanded into several regional areas of Victoria. In many cases their is a huge lack of quality, reputable and results driven training avaialable to people residing in the regional areas of Victoria. Its with this in mind that our expansion into the regional areas of Victoria has seen a huge increase in our students numbers. This ultimately resulting in an even larger number of people gaining new skills and more importantly, securing employment through our successful recruitment processes. We are very proud to be in partnership with the regional areas of Victoria. If you are unemployed, looking to change career or an employer needing quality trained staff, then contact us today to change your life.