Level 4 250 Collins Street, Melbourne 3000 VICTORIA, Australia 1300 659 557
http://www.hosptrain.edu.au/ info@hosptrain.edu.au
  • Director Dur-e Dara
  • Established 1998
  • Location 250 Collins Street, Melbourne 3000 VICTORIA, Australia
  • Vice principal http://www.hosptrain.edu.au/
Hospitality Training Victoria Pty Ltd, trading as Hospitality Training Australia, is a private registered training organisation (RTO) accredited with the State Training Board of Victoria. Hospitality Training Australia was first registered as a RTO on 3rd March 1999 and has since held a contract with the Department of Education & Training, Victorian Learning and Skills Commission (VLESC), to deliver workplace based Apprenticeships and Traineeships.
Hosptality Training Australia is outcome focused. This means that we demand that our training courses enable participants to gain meaningful employment within Australia. Therefore, our courses by neccesity must be employer focussed.
Hospitality Training Australia offers following courses.

Short Courses
Apprenticeships in Cookery
Food & Beverage Hospitality Traineeships
International Students
Diploma in Hospitality
Hospitality Training Australia are at the coal face of understanding the training needs of hospitality venues, we are government-endorsed and are committed to the skill development of the industry. Our trainers have extensive experience and maintain business relevance through working closely with industry. Our training can be customised to meet your needs. It has been developed for delivery: on-the-job; off-the-job; self-paced or a combination to suit.