P.O. Box 1144, 47A French Street, Lalor. Vic. 3075 9465-6409
http://www.vicnet.net.au/ lalorllc@vicnet.net.au
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  • Location Lalor. Vic. Australia.
  • Type Private
  • Vice principal http://home.vicnet.net.au
Lalor Living & Learning Centre is an idea that you can be a part of. The concept is that you can find your full potential learning with friends and others like you, in a relaxed and friendly environment, people who want to-: Discover new directions and lifestyles, Learn a technical skill or capacity, Go back to fill in gaps left by living in today's high speed society. Learn skills to support children, family or anyone who dependents on you. Develop skills in handling the new demands of our changing society. Prepare for employment Lalor Living & Learning Centre is a learning community in the workplace. It is a part of your local community helping to draw people together, reconnecting and transforming their lives. Come and be a part of our idea.
Endorses, supports and encourages the wisdom and opportunity of "Lifelong Learning For All" The Lalor Living and Learning Centre offers courses:

English as a Second Language
Computer Classes
Accounting and Bookkeeping
Cert. I in General Education for Adults
Cert. II in General Education for Adults
Cert. I - IV in Spoken & Written English
Cert. In Community Information Work
Cert. II Information Technology ( Modules)
Cert. II in Business (Financial Business Documents)
Cert. III in Financial Services: (Maintain Financial Services)
The Lalor Living & Learning Centre has an elected Committee of Management that operates as an incorporated body. Committee membership reflects the community (most are local residents and have first hand experience of adult learning). The Committee meets regularly to plan and discuss the running of the Centre, community trends, sector changes, financial and human resource management. Our Centre offers one of the largest community based programs in the Northern Metropolitan Region aimed at raising the level of educational opportunities for local residents.