Suite 8, Town Hall Hub 27 Bank Street Box Hill, VIC. 3128 9285-4850
  • Director N/A
  • Establishment 1983
  • Location Box Hill, Victoria. Australia.
  • Type Private
  • Vice principal
The Louise Multicultural Community Centre (LMCC) is a not-for-profit community centre situated in Box Hill, Victoria, Australia. Our centre was established in July 1983. We offer a range of programs and activities. Please see our programs page for more information about classes and other activities. Our Mission: To help refugees and migrants living in Australia. Our Purpose: To encourage and assist people of diverse national, ethnic, religious and linguistic backgrounds to practice, enjoy and share their own culture and to fully participate in public and civic life. Our Motto: “Learning together”.
Louise Multicultural Community Centre is a Community House. We offer many different courses and activities. You can be any age to join these courses and activities. Our students come from over 20 different countries. We want to you to enjoy learning. By joining our courses and activities, we hope you will feel more confident and feel more part of your community.

ESL English (Beginners – Advanced)
ESL English (Conversation)
ELS English (Writing and Reading)
ESL English (Current Affairs)
Mandarin (Intermediate with Pin Yin)
English/Cantonese (Bilingual)
English/Mandarin (Bilingual)
Mandarin (Conversation)
Computer classes
Computer (Internet & Email)
Computer (Microsoft Word)
Book Buddies
The Louise Centre promotes harmony and social inclusion, for people from all cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Our Mission is: "Helping refugees and migrants living in Australia."