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  • Location Level 8, 131 Queen Street, Melbourne, Australia, 3000
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At Lyceum English Language Australia students learn English with native speaking English teachers using the highly successful communicative method. Our teaching approach is communicative and topic-based. You will learn English in ways that are practical so you will be able to use your new skills anywhere. Beginners will learn quickly how to survive and thrive in an English speaking environment, for work, study and leisure.
Learning is living and Lyceum makes every effort to bring you and your new language skills into the Australian lifestyle, history and culture. All students are encouraged to taste the excitement of life in Melbourne while studying. Teachers in every class will make sure that your study time is mixed with lots of opportunities to apply what you have learned in real life situations.
Lyceum English Language Australia offers courses in General English at all levels:

Upper Intermediate
Lyceum's English Courses are at a fantastic location, on level 8, 131 Queen Street, Melbourne. It is the best possible location for an English Language school, in the centre of Melbourne, the food, fashion, arts and sporting capital of Australia. Come to learn English at Lyceum in Melbourne, Australia, and enjoy the climate and lifestyle of one of the world's most beautiful cities. With a population of 3.8 million people, Melbourne offers a vibrant, modern cultural mix catering to all ages and interests.