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  • Location 260 LaTrobe Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000, AUSTRALIA
  • Type Private
  • Vice principal http://www.sp.vic.edu.au/
South Pacific Institute’s vision is to provide its students with socially responsible, inclusive, relevant and progressive qualifications so as to give them the best opportunity of succeeding in their chosen field of study. Our Courses are designed to help our students achieve the best possible future outcomes. All our Courses are nationally recognised. Institute’s computer room enables students to access the World Wide Web via wired internet connections. The institute also provides wireless internet that can be accessed by students using their own notebook computers.
At South Pacific Institute the wide variety of courses cater for students at several levels: from Elementary to advanced. The courses have been carefully designed to meet industry requirements and to deliver the best learning outcomes for each student.
South Pacific Institute offers following Courses.

Hospitality Courses:
This course is designed to give students the confidence and expertise to seek employment as a professional cook or a similar commercial catering position, within the vast Australian or international hospitality industry.

Business Courses:
designed for students that have previous experience studying Business Units, either in Certificate IV in Business or similar courses etc.

ESL Courses:
This course designed to gain a better understanding of grammar, improve vocabulary and pronunciation, practise internet and email skills.

South Pacific Institute's campus is located in the heart of Melbourne, providing students with easy access to train, tram and bus services. Entertainment and cultural activities are provided to give students a perspective of life beyond the classroom. At the same time these activities are designed to provide students with additional knowledge of life in Melbourne and its surrounds.