Grant Information for Washington Colleges

Washington is one of the most important states of US and the thing which contributes to itsĀ  popularity among people of other states also are the numerous grants and scholarships that this state administers.

The Washington Higher Education Coordinating Board is the body responsible for providing the innumerous grants and scholarships to students depending on their need or merit.

Some of the grants this body administers include:

  1. Washington State Need Grant or Washington Promise Scholarships: While the former is a need based grant for $2500 and $5000, given only to students attending public, private or vocational schools, the latter is more of a combination of both need and merit and is available for undergraduate students enrolled in a 4-year vocational college.

  2. Educational Opportunity Grant: As the name suggests, this grant is basically to provide the students, facing difficulty in continuing their education due to family obligations, a chance to enroll into a 4-year eligible state college or university. The grant awards $2500 per student per year.

  3. Washington Awards for Vocational Excellence Grants: This is an extremely beneficial award since it caters to nearly 300 residents of the state at a time, attending a vocational or technical program.

  4. American Indian Endowed Scholarships: Graduate or undergraduate students enrolled in a full time study program, with a Native American affiliation are eligible for this scholarship.

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