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  • Established 1981
  • Location PO Box 524 VICTORIA PARK Western Australia 6979
  • Vice principal http://www.riverviewleadershipcollege.com/
Riverview Leadership College was established in 1981. Since then thousands have attended the College in response to God’s call on their lives and it has been our privilege to equip them to grow and fulfill that call. The purpose of Riverview Leadership College is to develop people who desire to follow Christ more keenly and to lead well in their own lives and influence others more effectively.
The Leadership College is the key component in creating a pathway for life and leadership development within Riverview, its associated ministries, and all local churches.
Riverview Leadership College offers following Courses.

Leadership and Biblical Training
Certificate and a Diploma in Ministry
Leadership Studies and Practical Services
Theology and Church History
The Church is to be a major influence in our cities, towns and world and we desire to equip men and women who will catch the spirit of leadership and then employ it in continuing to build the local church.