Grant Information for Wisconsin Colleges

For all those students, who can't think of ways to fit their college education expences into their tight budgets, the state of Wisconsin offers several need and merit based grants and scholarships. Some of these are state-funded while many others are privately-funded. Each of these is administered based on some condition which may be field of study, geographical location or educational interests.

Like other US states, Wisconsin has a governing body for administering all grants and scholarships.   This is known as the Wisconsin Higher Education Aids Board and it includes about 12 UW campuses, 16 technical colleges and nearly 2-dozen private colleges along with 2 tribal colleges.

The grants and scholarships that this board administers include:

  1. Wisconsin Higher Education Grants: This grant is available for students with strong financial disadvantage, and covers for costs not covered by federal loans. People eligible for this $3000 grant include, students attending state schools, minorities, and financially distressed students.

  2. Wisconsin Tuition Grant: This grant is especially designed for the undergraduate students, with financial needs, pursuing a degree or certificate at least half time. Students can receive a minimum of $250 under this grant program.

  3. Talent Incentive Program Grant: This grant is for the non-traditional students showing good academic progress. These students qualify not on the basis of financial distress but on social or cultural basis and can receive up to $1800 as grant amount.

  4. Minority Undergraduate Retention Grant-Wisconsin: Awarded to various graduate and undergraduate students each year for amounts of $250 to $2500.

  5. Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium Undergraduate Research Program: Awards up to $3500 to various undergraduate students, attending Wisconsin college every year and majoring in aerospace science.

For More Information visit : Grants by State

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