Scholarships for Women

Women have always been held at a position lower than the men. Although, there has been a certain amount of change in this perspective, unfortunately women are still the ones to suffer.

As a measure to provide women with more academic opportunities, several scholarships have been introduced. One of the largest organizations engaged in this work is the Society of Women Engineers, whose sole aim is to entice more women into going in for specific fields like engineering, math or science. Some of the most talked about scholarships for women include:

  1. American Legion Department of Michigan Memorial Scholarship : This is a very specific kind of scholarship awarded to only about 5-20 female students every year. In order to receive this $500 award, the student should be attending a state college and be a dependents veterans.

  2. Daughters of the Cincinnati Scholarship : If you are a daughter of an officer in the military service, you are eligible for this $1000 to $3000 award.

  3. Talbots Women's Scholarship Fund : This fund sponsored by the Talbots Charitable Foundation, offers nearly $100,000 in scholarships to women interested in pursuing higher education. Nearly 5 women can receive scholarships upto $10,000 and almost 50 can receive $1,000 each. The scholarships are primarily based on financial need and the women interested in seeking it must be interested in enrolling into a 2 or 4 year college or vocational school.

  4. Fresh Start Scholarship : This scholarship is typically for the female undergraduates attending Delaware colleges, who wish to return to school and make a fresh Academic start. The award presents $750 to $2000 to nearly 10 women each year.

  5. Horizons Foundation Scholarship : This $500 to $1000 award is especially for the women graduates or undergraduates demonstrating an interest in pursuing a career in defense. The scholarship is awarded to nearly 5-10 female students every year.

  6. National Society of Women Engineers Scholarships : Female undergraduates, majoring in computer science or engineering, are eligible for this $1000 scholarship award.

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