Grant Information for Wyoming Colleges

People who are residents of Wyoming are well aware of the charm of this state and can't think of receiving higher education in any other state except for Wyoming. This holds true mainly because of the large number of grants and scholarships that the state of Wyoming offers for the aspiring students.

These grants and scholarships may either be need based or merit based and these include the following:

  1. Douvas Memorial Scholarship: This award caters to students who belong to immigrant parents and is a first generation American student from Wyoming. Awarded only once a year, the grant amount is for $500.

  2. Northern Arapaho and Shoshones Tribal Scholarship: The Arapahos and Shoshones, recognized as Native American tribes of Wyoming are eligible for this grant. The student is only required to prove his or her tribal membership.

  3. Tuition Assistance Program: Under this program, students can receive up to 75% of the tuition cost to any state institution. However, in order to qualify for the award, you need to be a member of the Wyoming Army National Guard.

For More Information visit : Grants by State

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